First Czechoslovak Garden Club of America

First Czechoslovak Garden Club of America

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The Garden Club maintains a garden around the Klacel Circle in the Bohemian National Cemetery.  The circle and the monument pays homage to the key figures and organizations that helped create the cemetery.  It is an honor to have our garden around this important monument.


For 2015 new annuals were added around the perimeter of the circle.  It was decided to introduce a new color to the scheme so yellow marigolds were added.  Also poppies and yellow shrubs were added in each of the four quadrants.  

Summer 2014

Before the Weeding

After hours of Weeding
Summer Arrives to Klacel Circle.....Along with the Weeds

Mary Syrup and Arlene Artist pulled the Spring weeds and added the Annual flowers.  Some of the weeds were over 3 feet high!  Click on the box below to see more pictures

Spring 2014

The Daffodils are in full bloom


Summer 2013

More Flowers

On July 13 several members went out to weed Klacel Circle.  There was not much to do.


It was decided to add more color to the arrangement.  Red and White Zincas (an annual plant) were added around the edge of the garden.  Now there are Red, White, and Blue flowers decorating Klacel Circle.




We Get a Sign


We finally get a sign for our garden.  The sign gives us credit for our club members hard work in maintaining the Klacel Circle Garden


Summer brings new flowers and a new color



Spring 2013

The Start of a New Year!

After cleaning up  the circle the flowers responded well.  The Daffodils were in full bloom at the end of April.  



Summer 2012

The flowers are continuing to bloom in the desired sequence.  And The Weeds are blooming at Will!!  A Summer weeding was needed which members did at various times. 

Deer Repellant was refreshed and the flowers continued to look B E A U T I F U L



Getting Ready for the New Year

Soon a new year will begin at the BNC Garden.  The Garden Committee met at the Klacel Circle to get the garden ready for the new year.  It appeared that most of the plants weathered the winter well and the daffodils were in full bloom.


Fall 2011 at the BNC

The Garden at the Bohemian National Cemetery was looking really beautiful.  The Deer repellent kept the deer away and the flowers to bloom




Summer 2011 Flowers



The Summer Flowers came up on Queue!  The garden looked beautiful for Memorial Day

Fall 2010 Planting at Bohemian National Cemetery


Several members planted 3 varieties of daffodils around Klacel Circle These beautiful flowers will come up in the Spring of 2011 (Assuming the Deer don't get to them!)  The three varieties and quantity planted were



 Ice Follies


 Ducth Masters





Flower Arrangement at Bohemian National Cemetery


The Garden Club planted and will be maintaining a flower garden around the Klacel Circle. The Circle is located along Pulaski Road and commerates  some of the guiding forces in Czech American History, among them Vaclav Pohl, first President of the Czechoslovak Societies of America, Frank Zdrubek, a founder of the Bohemian National Cemetery Association, Frank Boucek, also a president of the cemetery, Robert Vickers, author of the “History of Bohemia”, Dr. Antonin Mueller and Dr. Anton Radesinsky.

Several concentric circles of flowers wer planted so that something is blooming from early spring until late fall.  Several members of the club went to thecemetary on Friday July 2.  Approximately 150 plants were placed around the circle. 

The plants that were placed around the monument were:


 Type Delivered Name of Plant Used
 Asian Lilies 16 8 Stargazer/8 Tango 16
 Salvia perennial medium - purple 45 May Night 36
 Asters 30 Purple Dome 20
 Allium 55 Summer Beauty 44
 Impatiense 2 flats  2 flats
 Pine Bark Mulch 885 Bags  A LOT!


An Admirer of the Garden Clubs Efforts

 The Deer that roam the cemetary were especially appreciative of the Garden Clubs efforts and hope they plant more delectibe delights next year - Almost Half of the plants were eaten!


Club Members installed a Deer Tape which is supposed to discourage deer from entering and eating the plants.  It must be sprayed every month.  Watch for updates on its effectiveness.

Repelling the Deer





The Deer Repellent Tape appears to be keeping our unwanted admirers at bay and the flowers look beautiful.

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